13 days / 12 nights


Novosibirsk – The Ob sea (sanatorium park) – Barnaul – Polkovnikovo – Biysk – Srostki – Manzherok – Chemal – The Teletskoye lake – The Karakol valley – Chibit – The Manzherok lake – The Sky blue Katun – The Altai village – The Belokurikha resort – Novosibirsk, 2850 km. The number of people in the group – from 6 to 40 people.

Arrival dates:


Tour schedule:

Day 1

Meeting at the airport Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk city). Transfer Tolmachevo – the Ob Sea (stop for a tea break in the park hotel, photostop) – Gran Altai (Russian buffet) – Barnaul city (260 km). Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Tour around the city of Barnaul starting on the Demidov square through historical streets towards the sightseeng platform in the Nagorny Park.

Day 2

Breakfast. Transfer Barnaul city – Polkovnikovo village (70 km) – the birthplace of cosmonaut No. 2 Herman Titov. Excursion to the Museum of Cosmonautics. G.S. Titov. All exhibits of the museum are thematically divided and placed in four halls: “The Morning of the Space Age” – introduces the first steps of man into space, “Altai and space” – this story tells how a man began to live in space, “School years of Herman Titov” – you can see what textbooks the cosmonaut studied, what grades he received at school, look in his notebooks, admire the children’s drawings and photographs. In the hall “From the spring to the stars” there are many paintings of Stepan Titov – the father of the cosmonaut, furniture that he made himself, mandoline, letters send during the war and the military photographs. Transfer Polkovnikovo – Biysk (100 km) – a city built by the decree of the emperor of Russia  Peter the Great in the 18th century. Biysk now has the status of the City of science and it is the main gateway to the Altai Mountains. Excursion “Old streets of Biysk” starting at the monument of Peter the Great going to the main guns, visit to the Chujsky museum. Lunch. Transfer Biysk – Srostki village (50 km) – the birthplace of the famous actor, writer, film director Vasily Shukshin. Photostop at the top of the Picket hill with the beautiful view on the village and the valley of the Katun river. Every year in July “Shukshin readings” takes place here. In the last years this readings have turned into all-russian event, where a lot of famous actors and actresses, artists, musicians, professional and amateur groups, museum employees, Shukshin’s relatives and fellow villagers as well as thousands admirers come to celebrate his Birthday. Transfer Srostki – Manzherok (90 km). Accommodation in the tourist hotel “Manzherok”. There is the Lake Manzherok nearby with the relict nuts «chilim», the same name village and a ski complex. Dinner. Walk along the eco-path to the Mount Sinyuha and the Lake Manzherok.

Day 3

Breakfast. Excursion to Chemal (70 km): Island Patmos is one of the most beautiful places in the Altai Mountains. The only way to the island of Patmos is a suspension bridge that connects the rocks of the island with the rocks on the bank of the Katun river. Another attraction of Chemal is the old Chemal hydroelectric station.  Walking there you can also see the sources of “live” and “dead” water nearby. In the summer time thrill-seekers areattracted by the “bungee jump”. Walking along the “goat” trail. Lunch. After lunch the programm may depend on the weather: one option isa trip to the mountain area Che-Chkysha rocky canyon with waterfalls in the valley of the Katun river, located in the Gorge of Mountain Spirits, from where a magnificent panorama of the Katun river opens (30 km). As a second optionwe offer an excursion to the museum-gallery of Choros-Gurkin in the Anos village, where you can seehe house, workroom and the yard of the artist and ethnographer, Shishkin’s learner, author of the famous paitings “Khan Altai”, “The Mountain Spirits’ Lake”, “The Crown of the Katun” as well as reproductions of other paitings. Transfer Chemal – Manzherok (70 km). Dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer Manzherok – Gorno-Altaisk city (40 km). Excursion to the National Museum of the Altai Republic named after A. Anokhin. The museum stores rich ethnographic collections of indigenous peoples of Altai, as well as a unique exhibit – the mummy of Princess Ukok. Lunch. Transfer Gorno-Altaisk city — the Lake Teletskoye (180 km). Accommodation. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. A cruise around the Lake Teletskoеthe largest lake in the Altai and one of the largest lakes in Russia. The maximum depth of the lake is about 330 meters. The official name of the lake – Teletskoe – came from the name of Altai tribe – Telesy – who lived here years ago. However local people called the lake Altyn-Kol, which means “golden lake”.  Many rivers and streams flow into the lake, but only one river – Biya – flows out. Visiting the Corbu waterfall, which is located at the foot of the Korbu ridge on the territory of the Altai State Nature Biosphere Reserve. The waterfall falls from a height of 12.5 meters. Lunch. Rafting down the Biya river.

Day 6

Breakfast. Transfer Teletskoe – Karakol valley (360 km). Lunch in Berendeyevka. Stop at the famous mountain pass Seminsky. Accommodation. Dinner includes degustation of national Altai food, accompanied by the folk traditional group (unique throat singing and playing on national musical instruments).

Day 7

Breakfast. Excursion to the Karakol Nature Park “Uch-Enmek” (40 km) – specially protected natural area.  It includes natural, historical and cultural, sacral complexes and objects, located on thetotal area of ​​60551 hectares. The natural park is famous for its burials and barrows, rock paintings and a complex of megaliths. Lunch. Transfer Karakol – Chibit (170 km). Excursion along the Chuysky tract. The history of the tract goes back though centuries, when this road was a pack road, a branch of the Great Silk Road, “Сhinese pathway”. On the way, we overcome one of the most beautiful and highest passes called Chique-Taman which in altaian language means “Straight foot”. This pass that looks like steep and meandering road with sightseen platform on top has known since X century. And since 1996 it has been declared a natural monument of the Altai Republic. Visit to the rock-park Kalbak-Tash, viewing the rock paintings – petroglyphs: about 500 compositions, over 5 thousand drawings. Petroglyphs had been made during the period from the Neolithic to the Turkic era. There  is the confluence of the the biggest rivers of Altai nearby – the Chuya river and the Katun river. This place is called Chui-Oozy. Accommodation in the tourist center “The Nomad”. Dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast. A walk along the colored mountains near the Kyzyl-Chin stream. Exits of multi-colored clays on the surface evoke the sensation ofanother planet (110 km). Lunch-box.  Dinner.

Day 9

Breakfast. Transfer Chibit – Manzherok (320 km). Accommodation. Lunch. Excursion to the special tourist territory “The Sky Blue Katun” (35 + 25 km). It is the largest center of tourism with a warm artificial lake for swimming and fishing, restaurants, tourist complexes, ski slopes, an extreme entertainment park, an art gallery, caves, an apiary. Visit to the Tavdinsky caves. The Tavdinsky caves are an array of the large number of karst caves (about 30). The length of rocks chains with caves is about 5 km. The entrances to the caves are in steep cliffs however they can be easily reached thanks to wooden steps and artificial lighting. Visit to the apiary, tasting of Altai honey. Dinner. Optional: visiting the casino “Siberian coin” in the Altai Palace hotel (additional fee).

Day 10

Breakfast. Ascent with a chair lift to the Mount Sinyukha. Excursion to the enclosure for maralsKaimskoye” (30 + 30 km). Marals are known for the miraculous properties of their horns (also called pants – nonossified antlers). Abath made with the water extracts of boiled antlers is a health-improving procedure. Pants area complex of substances created by nature that has huge biostimulating power. Taking such bath and consuming other products made of pants’ extract raises body’s energy, improve blood circulation, support anagenesis and accelerate the recovery of muscular tissue after physical exertion as well as slow down aging process. Positive effect comes after 4-6 baths. Lunch-tasting meat of maral. Walking along the maral breeding farm, buying products made of pants’ extract. Dinner.

Day 11

Breakfast. Transfer Manzherok – Altaiskoe (70 km). Excursion to the park of medicinal plants “Kholmogorye” and acquaintance with the collection of exotic herbs, deciduous and coniferous shrubs. Lunch. Transfer Altaiskoe – Belokurikha (50 km). The resort town of Belokurikha is located at the foot of Cherginsky mountain range that stands as a border between mountains and steppe. The resort is famous for its healing air and. radon-containing springs. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

Day 12

Breakfast. Walking tour around Belokurikha and its landmarks. Lunch. Vitis to «Water world» – recreational compound with indoor swimming pools and saunas. Night caraoke-clubs (extra fee).

Day 13

Breakfast. Transfer Belokurikha – Novotyryshkino village  (40 km). A trip to Belokurikha-2 where the new resort has been just constructed. Transfer Novotyrshkino – Novosibirsk (450 km). Lunch in a cafe “Oblepikha”. Departure from Tolmachevo airport at 22-00.

Tour price:

Price EURO/person

6-9 persons 1912
10-14 persons 1542
15-24 persons 1350
25-40 persons 1200

Single supplement: 350 EURO

The package includes:

Transport services from Barnaul (Gorno-Altaysk, Novosibirsk) on a comfortable bus; accommodation — 2-3 persons per room in tourist complexes and hotels, standard rooms with shower and WC; in high mountains hotels — shower and WC are on a floor; food — full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner); excursions according to the program; entrance tickets; insurance; translations.

Additional expenses:

Extra food and drinks, extra excursions (from 10 currency units); personal expenses.


Iskra (shared bathroom facilities) in Soloneshensky District. Uch-Enmek (shared bathroom facilities) in Ongdaysky Distict. Kochevnik (private bathroom facilities) in Ulagansky District. Altyn-Kol (private bathroom facilities) in the area of Lake Teletskoye. Manzherok (private bathroom facilities) in the area of Lower Katun. Neo, Orion (private bathroom facilities) in Belokhurikha.


The Agency reserves the right to change the schedule with no changes in the volume of service provided. The duration of its individual elements may change on the eve of departure and in the course of the tour. In case on the weather and climate conditions and due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (road, local administration services, etc.), the elements of the schedule can be excluded, based on the actual situation on the route.

Attention! In case the tourist is being late or does not appear at a scheduled time and a place for the group gathering, the Agency is not responsible for the full implementation of the schedule and no costsof this tour day are refunded. 

Attention! When visiting active monasteries and temples, women should avoid wearing trousers and shorts. A headdress is also required.

Recommended clothing: A set of outfits for leisure and travel, a windproof and waterproof jacket, a warm sweater, two pairs of comfortable shoes, lightweight slippers for hotels, sun protection (cream, glasses, headdress), personal hygiene items, a dress code for photo shoot – clothes or accessories of purple color.

Important information:

Attention! Despite the fact that Altai remained free of tick-borne encephalitis for the recent years, the ticks and snakes are found in this region. Please observe the safety rand anti-cell protection measures and carry anti-tick repellents (sprays, creams).