16 days / 15 nights


Barnaul — Solonovka — Soloneshnoe – Iskra — Sibiryachikha — Karakol – Chibit – Chagan—Uzun  – Manzherok – Sky-Blue Katun – Chemal – Gorno-Altaisk — Barnaul, 2985 km. The number of people in the group – from 6 people. No age restriction. Children under 18 should be accompanied by adults.

Arrival dates:

April — October

Tour schedule:

Day 1

Meeting in Barnaul. Transfer Barnaul — Lake Kolyvanskoye (340 km). Visit to the settlement of ancient steelworkers near Lake Kolyvanskoye (Savvushka). Photosession against the background of bizarre form stone pillars. The rocks that are towering on the shore of this lake are very diverse in shape and resemble ancient minarets, towers of medieval castles, figures of unseen animals. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Lunch. Excursion around the city of Zmeinogorsk with a visit to the Catherine mine and the Zmeinogorsk museum of the history of mining development (25 + 25 km). It contains unique exhibits that reveal the life of mountain workers, art of Kolyvan stone-cutters and jewelers. Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Transfer Savvushka – Kuria (45 km). Excursion to the Memorial museum of Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov in the homeland of the ingenious inventor and designer of small arms in the village of Kuria. The automation created by him is considered to be one of the outstanding inventions of the XX century, it is used in more than 100 countries of the world. Lunch. Transfer Kuria – Kolyvan (65 km). Excursion to the museum of stone-cutting skill and to Kolyvan stone-cutting plant, where Ivan Polzunov worked. Polzunov is the inventor of the world’s first heat-power engine. The masters of the grinding factory glorified Kolyvan with products of unsurpassed beauty and decoration made of hard stone: jasper, porphyry, quartzite. During the factory existence, more than 900 pieces of art have been produced. Kolyvan vases are in the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum, in the imperial palaces of Yalta, in Peterhof, in the museums of Paris and other cities around the world. The most famous creation of the Kolyvan stone-cutters is the “Tsarina Vase” weighing about 20 tons with the diameter of the oval bowl of about five meters. Transfer Kolyvan – Savvushka (70 km). Dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer Savvushka — Karpovo, Krasnoshchekovsky rajon (110 km). Excursion to the manor-museum of musical instruments. Folklore program with the participation of the famous craftsman Alexander Epifantsev, engaged in the production of musical instruments. Lunch. Transfer Karpovo – Charyshskoe (150 km) – the former Cossack village with a 250-year history. Accommodation in rural houses. Acquaintance with the Cossack traditions and their way of life in the «Museum of the Altai old-timers», Cossack songs, games, round dances, master classes on blacksmithing, fighting art of the Cossacks – possession of a Cossack sword, whip. Dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer Charyshskoe – Sibiryachikha (240 km, through Petropavlovskoye). Folklore and gastronomic excursion «Fiancee «encirclement»». Exciting tour around the museum in the village of Sibiryachikha with immersion in everyday life and the foundations of the peasants who were back settlers. You can also try on traditional old-believers’ costumes. The rite «The Fiancee «encirclement»» (part of traditional wedding) of old believers is held in a stylized hut. You are invited to play the roles of a groom, a bride, their parents and friends. Traditional wedding dishes will please all participants with their originality and variety of taste qualities. Accurate copies of costumes, songs and games create the effect of transference in time. Transfer Sibiryachikha – Soloneshnoe (50 km). Accommodation in a country estate. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. Excursion trekking “Secret Shinok“: extreme jeep climbing to the launching pad and a 4-hour walk to one of the tallest waterfalls in Altai – Shinok (70 km). The route runs through the nature reserve, rough vegetation with fascinating views of 3 waterfalls in the end: «Tender Mirage», «Double jump», «Giraffe». Features of the route: the ascent to the waterfalls is accompanied by a repeated ford crossing and a steep but short rise. Dinner at the manor. Banya. Optional! Taking a  pants’ bath. Pants’ bath is a healing procedure with application of an aqueous extract of the marals’ boiled horns (co-called «pants»). Pants — are the nonossified horns of a maral – a complex of substances created by nature with a huge biostimulating power. The use of pants’ baths, as well as consuming other products made of pants maral breeding, increases the energy of the body, improves blood flow, promotes tissue regeneration, especially effectively accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue after injury as a result of physical exertion, and also slows down the aging process. The positive effect comes after 4-6 baths (extra payment – from $20/person).

Day 6

Breakfast. Transfer Soloneshnoe – Denisov Cave (45 km). Excursion to the Denisov cave — a unique archaeological monument of world significance, in which bones were found that belonged to unique species of people, representing a special branch in evolution (Denisov man) that is different from Neanderthal man and modern people. Transfer Denisov Cave – Ust-Kan (65 km) through the pass Keleisky. Lunch. Vitising the cave «White Stone» or «Almystu Boom» which means «Mount of Almysy». The name is associated with one of the legends, according to which the cave for a long time served as the residence of half-humans — half-animals – Almysy. Transfer Ust-Kan – Ust-Koksa (125 km). Photostops in the gorges of the river Koksa. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Dinner.

Day 7

Breakfast. Excursion to the Katun state biosphere reserve. Further program depends on the weather: an excursion to the Multinsky Lakes (50 + 50 km) or to the Red Mountain (35 + 35 km). Multinsky lakes are a cascade of 3 lakes located in the western part of the Katun Ridge. In these lakes graylings are found. In the surrounding forests you can find a sable, a wood grouse, an Altai coney, a maral and see the tracks of a bear. The lakes of turquoise-blue color are laying among the mountains, the height of which reaches 3169 m, and the tops are covered with eternal glaciers. Features of the route: Multinsky lakes are at an altitude of 1700 m, so here you can experience wind, rain, thunder, prolonged drizzle, fog, heat and bright sun. During the day the weather can change several times from clear to really bad weather, so you need to have warm clothes, a raincoat, a hat, and waterproof shoes. The massif of the Red Mountain is formed by volcanic rocks. There is a group of highland lakes (2471 m) with snowfields and numerous waterfalls. Huge columbines, daisies, delphiniums, sweetvetches (co-called «red root»), carthamoid rhapontic (also called «maral root»), roseroots (co-called «golden root»), stonecrops and the highest-altitude edelweiss flower grow among the pygmy birch. Lunch-box. Dinner in the tourist complex. Banya.

Day 8

Breakfast. The further program depends on the weather: In clear weather: a trip to Kurunda village (10 + 10 km), from where you can see the Belukha mountain (4509 m) – the highest peak of the Altai Mountains. Lunch. Transfer Ust-Koksa – Karakol (230 km). Accommodation in the Karakol Nature Park «Uch-Enmek». Dinner with tasting of national dishes accompanied by folklore program – unique throat singing and playing on national musical instruments.

Day 9

Breakfast. Excursion (20 + 20 km) to Karakol Nature Park «Uch-Enmek». It includes natural, historical and cultural, sacred complexes and objects: barrows, rock paintings, megalith complexes. The total area of the specially protected natural area is 60551 hectares. The natural park is located at altitudes from 890 m to 2900 m. Visit to the museum of Altai culture and life in the village of Kuluda. Transfer Karakol – Chibit (170 km). Excursion along the Chuysky tract to the Kuray steppe. The history of the tract goes back through centuries, when this road was a pack track, a branch of the Great Silk Road. According to National Geographic, it is included in the TOP-10 of the most beautiful roads of the world. In the way we overcome one of the largest passes Chike-Taman, which in Altaian language means «Straight foot». The pass has been known since the 10th century, it is a steep and meandering road with an observation platform on top. Lunch. Photostop in the northern part of the geopark «Altai», the natural park Chui-Oozy – the place of the confluence of the biggest rivers of the Altai republic — the Chuya and the Katun. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Dinner.

Day 10

Breakfast. Excursion to Kyzyl-Chin known among tourists as «Mars» (80 + 80 km). Exits of multi-colored clays on the surface evoke the sensation of another planet. A walk along the «Martian» mountains and canyons of the Kyzyl-Chin stream. On the way – a photo session against the backdrop of the North Chuya Ridge. Lunch. Excursion to the Geyser lake — rare in its beauty and cleanness, The lake is not freezing even in winter. It is an «earth eye eternally watching the space» that has an amazing turquoise color. You can see the streaks of round or oval shape on the mirror of the lake, which in fact only a reflection of the processes occurring at the bottom of the lake, where the «geysers» come to life, throwing a mixture of bluish clay and sand to the surface. Dinner.

Day 11

Breakfast. Whole-day long excursion — trekking (with lunch) at your choice: «Stone mushrooms» (additional payment – $ 120) or Glacier Aktru (extra charge – $ 60). «Stone mashrooms» are intricate land forms that appeared as a result of selective leaching, erosion and roch weathering. They are located in the Akkurum canyon on the right bank of the Chulyshman river. Mysterious statues are simply gigantic in size (up to 7 meters) but with narrow stipes (around half meter in diameter). A characteristic feature of kurums is their slow movement down the slope. Glaciers of the Aktru valley. Glaciers are a unique, one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon. Solid but mobile, slowly but steadily changing the face of the mountains, giving birth and feeding rivers, they descend on the North Chuy Ridge at a very low level, allowing you to get to know this miracle closer. Almost all the variety of existing types of glaciers are represented here: the valley ones – the Big and Small Aktru, two plateau-shaped ones – the Kupol and Vodopadny, the corrie glacier – kar of Maly Aktru, the glacier on the top of Kara-Tash («Tronov’s pants”) and the corrie-hanging – «Stagiare» (or «Container»). Most glaciers are difficult to access, even for mountain tourists and climbers. However it is safe to walk to the Maly Aktru glacier or to the Blue Lake on Bolshoy Aktru. Return to the tourist center. Dinner.

Day 12

Breakfast. Transfer Chibit – Chemal (330 km). Photostop on the Seminsky pass. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Excursion to Chemal hydro-electric power station and Patmos Island that is one of the most beautiful places in the Altai Mountains. The only way to the island of Patmos is a suspension bridge that connects the cliffs of the island with the rocks on the shore of the Katun. On the island, a church was rebuilt in honor of St. John the Evangelist and the monastic cell of St. Macarius of Altai behind which you can see the rock with the indented image of Holy Mother. On the other side of the island there is a monastery. Another attraction of Chemal is hydro-electric power station. Walking there you can also see the sources of “live” and “dead” water nearby. Dinner.

Day 13

Breakfast. Excursion depends on the weather: one option is a trip to the Che-Chkysh tract – a rocky canyon with waterfalls in the Katun valley, located in the Gorge of the Mountain Spirits, from where a magnificent panorama of the Katun opens (30 km). Second option is an excursion to the museum-gallery of Choros-Gurkin in Anos village. You can see the house, the workroom and the manor of the artist and ethnographer, the Shishkin’s learner, the author of the famous paintings «Khan Altai», «Lake of Mountain Spirits», «Crown of Katun». The reproductions of some paintings are also represented here. Visit to the «Village of Masters» in Askat, acquaintance with the works of local artists and artisans. Lunch. Transfer Chemal – Manzherok (70 km). Manzherok is the name of the lake with the relict nuts «chilim», a village and a ski complex. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Dinner.

Day 14

Breakfast. Excursion to Sky-Blue Katun (40 km) – the largest center of tourism, that includes a warm artificial lake for swimming and fishing, restaurants, tourist complexes, ski slopes, an extreme entertainment park, an art gallery, caves, an apiary. Visit to the Tavdinsky caves. The Tavdinsky caves are an array of a large number of caves (about 30) of karst origin. The length of the rocks with the caves is about 5 km. The entrances to the caves are in steep cliffs, however most of them are easily accessible thanks to wooden steps and electric lighting. Excursion to the apiary, tasting of Altaian honey, sleep on hives. Ascent to Sinyukha by chairlift. Rafting or motor-rafting down the Katun with a visit to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall. Dinner. Optional, excursion to the casino “Altai Palace” (hotel complex with an outdoor pool, karaoke-hall, spa-center. (Extra charge)

Day 15

Breakfast. Transfer Manzherok – Gorno-Altaisk (50 km). Excursion to the National Museum of the Altai Republic named after Anokhin. The museum stores a rich ethnographic collection of indigenous peoples of Altai, as well as a unique exhibit – the mummy of Princess Ukok. Transfer Gorno-Altaisk – Barnaul (280 km). Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Walking tour «Old Barnaul» with a visit to the viewing platform of the Nagorny Park.

Day 16


Tour price:


3-5 persons 3580
6-9 persons 2385
10-14 persons 1945
15-24 persons 1765
25-40 persons 1567

The package includes:

Transport services from Barnaul on a comfortable bus; accommodation — 2-3 persons per room in tourist complexes and hotels, standard rooms with shower and WC; in high mountains hotels — shared facilities are on each floor; food — (breakfast, lunch, dinner); excursions according to the program; insurance; translations, guide service.

Additional expenses:

Extra food and drinks, extra excursions (from 10$); personal expenses.


Tourist complex «Altaisky Courchvel» (en suit) in Zmeinogorsky rajon Rural houses in Charyshsky rajon Homestead «Andreevskoe» (facilities are on each floor) in Soloneshensky rajon Tourist complex «Ujmosky Kovcheg» (en suit) in Ust-Koksinsky rajon Tourist complex «Uch-Enmek» (facilities are on each floor) in Ongudaysky rajon Tourist complex «Kochevnik» (en suit) in Ulagansky rajon. Ski resort «Manzherok» (en suit) in the lower reaches of the Katun river. Hotel «Barnaul» (en suit) in Barnaul


Our company reserves the right to change the program leaving unaltered the amount of services. The duration of program components may be changed the day before the tour begins and during the tour. Some program elements that depend on organizations and services (road services, police, local administrations etc) that are beyond our control as well as on the weather conditions may be excluded. Attention! The tour organizers don’t take responsibility for conducting the tour in its entirety if tourists are late or don’t come to the agreed meeting point. The cost of such tour day is not refunded. Attention! When visiting acting churches and monasteries women should have their heads covered and not wearing trouses.