11 days / 10 nights


Barnaul – Zmeinogorsk – Kolyvan – Kuria – Chineta – Tigirek – Charyshskoe – Sibiryachikha – Soloneshnoe – Solonovka – Barnaul, 1635 km The number of people in the group – min 4 people. Age restriction – from 7 yo. Children under 18 should be accompanied by adults.

Tour schedule:

Day 1

Meeting in Barnaul. Transfer Barnaul — Lake Kolyvanskoye (340 km). Photosession against the background of bizarre form stone pillars. The rocks that are towering on the shore of this lake are very diverse in shape and resemble ancient minarets, towers of medieval castles, figures of unseen animals. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Lunch. Excursion around the city of Zmeinogorsk with a visit to the Catherine mine and the Zmeinogorsk museum of the history of mining development (25 + 25 km). It contains unique exhibits that reveal the life of mountain workers, art of Kolyvan stone-cutters and jewelers. Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Transfer Zmeinogorsk – Kolyvan (90 km). Excursion to the museum of stone-cutting skill and to Kolyvan stone-cutting plant, where Ivan Polzunov worked. Polzunov is the inventor of the world’s first heat-power engine. The masters of the grinding factory glorified Kolyvan with products of unsurpassed beauty and decoration made of hard stone: jasper, porphyry, quartzite. During the factory existence, more than 900 pieces of art have been produced. Kolyvan vases are in the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum, in the imperial palaces of Yalta, in Peterhof, in the museums of Paris and other cities around the world. The most famous creation of the Kolyvan stone-cutters is the “Tsarina Vase” weighing about 20 tons with the diameter of the oval bowl of about five meters. Lunch. Transfer Kolyvan – Kuria (65 km). Excursion to the Memorial museum of Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov in the homeland of the ingenious inventor and designer of small arms in the village of Kuria. The automation created by him is considered to be one of the outstanding inventions of the XX century, it is used in more than 100 countries of the world. Transfer Kuria – Savvushka (40 km). Dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer Savvushka – Chineta (140 km). Here we change transport for off-road transport (UAZ, GAZ). The way to the village of Chineta lies through the Chinetinskiy reserve, the road crosses the Charysh and the Inya rivers on suspension bridges. Dinner. Arrival in Tigirek that used to be a Cossack outpost, now the visit center of the Tigirek state reserve. Accommodation in guest houses. Dinner. Banya.

Day 4

Breakfast. Excursion to Tigirek reserve and ascent to the Chayny mountain (709 m above sea level). Acquaintance with the plant and animal world of the reserve. From the top of the mountain Chayny you can observe the Nature monument of the Altai Territory “Silurian Tigirek Section” (Silurian Wall), which is a steep rocky edge of the Inya Valley, 200-300 m in height. This is one of the best sections of the deposits of the beginning and the middle of the Silurian period (440-405 million years ago). Lunch. Excursion by car down the valley of Big Tigirek with a visit to the Tigirek outpost – a monument of the military engineering art of the Kolyvan-Kuznetsk defensive line of the XVIII century; cave Hyena’s Den that was named so due to the habitat of cave hyenas here during the ice age; mountain “Shlyapa” (“Hat”) that has remarkable shape, resembling a hat. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. Excursion to the Listvyashnaya Griva – one of the spurs of the Tigirek mountain range. Walking ascension to Listvyazhniy Glyaden (1483 m above sea level), from where the picturesque panoramas to Mountain Razrabotnaya and the valley of the river Inya open. The original name of the Mountain Razrabotnaya (which means “Developmental”) is the “Rossypnoj kamen” (“loose rocks”). It is the second highest point in the reserve (1961 m above sea level). At the end of the 18th century the French naturalist E.M. Patren opened a cloudy bluish aquamarine and rose quartz on this mountain Later, non-transparent aquamarine crystals of more than a meter in size were produced here, which are now exhibited in the Mining Museum in St. Petersburg. Lunch in the field. Descent. Dinner. Banya. Gathering around the fire.

Day 6

Breakfast, transfer to the camp “First ford” on the river Inya, briefing, preparation for rafting. Rafting along the route “Secrets of the Tigirek caves” with a visit to the caves of Yashur, the mountain Semipechernaya. The cave Yashur consists of several grottoes, the total length of which is more than 400 m. The name of the cave is given by local residents who thought that brows of boulders at the entrance grotto are the fossilized chine of the ancient Yashur (pangolin). The mountain Semipechernaya looks like a rocky cape, it has 3 caves, 2 deep niches, an arch and a through hole, as well as several small niches at the water level. Field lunch. Arrival in Chineta. Accommodation in a guest house, dinner, banya.

Day 7

Breakfast. Transfer Chineta – Charyshskoe (150 km) – the former Cossack village with a 250-year history. Lunch. Accommodation in rural guest houses. Acquaintance with the Cossack traditions and way of life in the Museum of the Altai old-timers”, Cossack songs, games, round dances, master classes on blacksmithing, fighting art of the Cossacks – possession of a Cossack sword, whip. Dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast. Transfer Charyshskoye – Sibiryachikha (240 km, through Petropavlovskoye). Folk and gastromonic excursion «Fiancee «encirclement». A captivating visit to the local museum in the Sibiryachikha village with stepping into everyday routine and traditions of peasants who were back settlers. You can also try on traditional costumes of old-believers. The ceremony of fiancee «encirclement» (part of traditional wedding) of old-believers takes place in stylized house. Guests are invited to play the roles of bridegroom, fiancee, their parents and friends. Traditional wedding cuisine will impress all guests by originality and diversity of tastes. The exact copies of traditional costumes, songs and games produce effect of time journey. Transfer Sibiryachikha – Soloneshnoe. Assommodation in a rural guest house. Dinner.

Day 9

Breakfast. Transfer Soloneshnoe – Denisov Cave (65 + 65 km). Excursion to the Denisov cave — a unique archaeological monument of world significance, in which bones were found that belonged to unique species of people, representing a special branch in evolution (Denisov man) that is different from Neanderthal man and modern people. Transfer Denosov Cave – Soloneshnoe. Lunch. Optional: taking pants’ bathA bath made with the water extracts of boiled antlers (so-called pants) is a health-improving procedure. Pants are a complex of substances created by nature that have huge biostimulating power. Taking such bath and consuming other products made of pants’ extract raises body’s energy, improve blood circulation, support anagenesis and accelerate the recovery of muscular tissue after physical exertion as well as slow down aging process. Positive effect comes after 4-6 baths. (Extra charge – from $20/person). Dinner in a guest house.

Day 10

Breakfast. Transfer Soloneshnoye – Solonovka (70 km). Visit to a goats farm, testing local cheeses. Lunch. Transfer Solonovka – Barnaul (270 km) – the capital of Altaisky kray, former mountain-plant city, founded in 1730. Walking tour “Old Barnaul” with the visit to sightseeing ground in Nagorny Park. Accommodation in a hotel. Dinner.

Day 11


Tour price:

EURO per Person

3-5 people 2125
6-9 people 1352
10-14 people 1088

The package includes:

Transport services from Barnaul on a comfortable bus; off-road transport in a preserve (GAZ, UAZ); accommodation — 2-4 persons per room in tourist complexes and hotels, standard rooms (with shower and WC on each floor); food — (breakfast, lunch, dinner); excursions according to the program; insurance; translations.

Additional expenses:

Extra food and drinks; additional excursions (from $10 per person); private expences.


Tourist complex “Altaian Courchevel” (en suit) in Zmeinogorsky rajon. Off-the-grid houses in Tigireksky preserve. Rural houses in Charyshsky rajon. Homestead “Andreevskoye” (bathroom facilities on each floor) in Soloneshensky rajon. Hotel Barnaul (en suit) in Barnaul


Our company reserves the right to change the program leaving unaltered the amount of services. The duration of program components may be changed the day before the tour begins and during the tour. Some program elements that depend on organizations and services (road services, police, local administrations etc) that are beyond our control as well as on the weather conditions may be excluded. Attention! The tour organizers don’t take responsibility for conducting the tour in its entirety if tourists are late or don’t come to the agreed meeting point. The cost of such tour day is not refunded. Attention! When visiting acting churches and monasteries women should have their heads covered and not wearing trouses.