By using this Internet resource, in accordance with the article 9 of the Federal Law issued on 27.07.2006 #152-ФЗ «On personal data|» (further — FL «On Personal Data») a user of the web-site hereby agrees of his/her free will and volition, pursuing his/her own benefit, for commission of actions stipulated in the article 3 of the FL «On Personal Data», including: 1) processing of personal data either as automatic data processing or without automation technology to the extent of his/her forename and surname, e-mail address and telephone numbers and other information; 2) transmitting data (such as IP-address, suggested geographical location, age, gender, browser modification, display resolution, operating system version and additional software, device modification, resources, search engine, phrases, advertising banner from which the entrance to the web-site was executed, as well as the list of attended web-pages and time spent on a web-site) particularly to the outside services of site visitors’ analysis.

A user may recall the concent in written form.

A user also confirms that he/she awares of the rights of personal data owner, affirmed in the article 3 of the FL «On Personal Data».